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Walmart MoneyCard Complete Overview And Registration

As you guys know that you can find any query related to Walamrt at my blog. Such as Walamrt credit cards, Walmart MasterCard, and Walamrt gift cards. I have written all articles just for the convenience of the Walmart cardholders and new shoppers of the Walmart. Therefore in today’s article, I am going to share the detailed guide with you guys regarding the Walmart MoneyCard. Becuase there are several people who don’t have knowledge about Walmart money cards.

This is the main purpose for me to write about the Walmart MoneyCard at my Walmart blog. So maximum people can get the information about the money cards. However, like the other Walmart credit card, the Walamrt MoneyCard also have many advantages that you people will know in this article. As well as I will also share with you people that how you can register your MoneyCard, MoneyCard cash back rewards and much more.

So let’s move towards the guide.

Walmart MoneyCard Complete Overview And Registration


Basically, Walmart MoneyCard is the Walmart prepared debut card that us issued by Green Bot Bank. If you guys are used to shop from the Walmart then this card is for you. Becuase this card can help you guys a lot to save your money like the Walmart credit card And Walmart MasterCard.

If you guys use the MoneyCard on Walmart official website and Walmart superstores then you can get the benefits in the shape of cash back rewards. But if you people use the MoneyCard on the other places then the MoneyCard has more fee and service limitations for the cardholders.


There are 3 types of Walmart MoneyCard.

  1. Basic Walmart MoneyCard
  2. Walmart Plus MoneyCard
  3. Preferred Walmart MoneyCard

The 1st one is basic Walamrt MoneyCard. This MoneyCard has lowest purchases prices that you can just use for the purchases purpose.

The 2nd card is the Walmart plus MoneyCard. The plus Walmart MoneyCard has higher purchase prices and the cardholder can just use this plus card to transfer the money or to pay the bills.

The 3rd Walmart money cards preferred the card that allows the cardholders to reloads in the Walmart superstores.


Lots of people think that Walmart MoneyCard has a high fee but let me tell you it a wrong understanding of the people.
Below I am going to share with you guys about the fee plans have a quick look.

  1. Walmart company only charge the $3 to issues the Walmart money card.
  2. The Walamrt MoneyCard reloading fee is also $3.
  3. Walmart also takes the $3 for the maintenance of the Walmart MoneyCard.
  4. These were the basic Walmart MoneyCard fee and as per my point, that is very reasonable. If you people want to know more about the fee then read the content on below-attached

Walmart MoneyCard Complete Overview With Registration Method


The retail giant Walmart provides the facilities on Walmart MoneyCard and the one of the best facility is that you guys can make the purchase free of cost through the Walmart MoneyCard. Its mean that you will pay the actual amount of the products without any taxes. But if you guys use ATM machine through MoneyCard then the charges will deduct on transactions. However, if you guys just want to withdraw the money then you can do this on any nearest Walamrt customer service desk with you earn cash back rewards without any charges.

Keep the one thing in mind that your earned cash back rewards get cashed out only after the 12 consecutive months.


As you guys already know that Walmart provides the cash back rewards program to their credit and master card holder. Similarly, Walmart MoneyCard holders can also get the cash back rewards on the purchase that they made.

  1. 3% cash back on
  2. 2% cash back on USA Murphy Gas stations
  3. 1% cash back on Walmart superstores.


Walmart company gives the two best options to provide the Walmart Money Card. The one is that you guys can get in the form of Visa Money Card and the second is that you can get the card in the shape of MasterCard Walmart Money Card. Therefore, your MoneyCard is accepted where both cards are acceptable.


TThere are two best ways to register you Walmart MoneyCard card. The one is that you guys simply apply for the card on any nearest Walmart store and the 2nd way is that you can apply online for the Walmart Money Card.

So here I will recommend you to must register your Walmart money card online because by applying online, you guys can save your card issuance fee.

However, to register Walmart Money Card online simply open the Walmart money card website that is and clicks on the get card option.

You guys can see the get card option in the menu of the website and also in the main banner of the website. Image.

When you guys will click on that option, the new window will open on your screen where you will see the Money Card registration form. Finally, you have to fill this Walmart MoneyCard registration form with all essential details like names, email address, zip code, social security number and etc. After that, you have to choose the card option that you want to apply your card for the visa card formate or you want to apply for a card in the MasterCard formate.

You will have both options just select one and don’t forget to click on the terms and agreement check box to apply for the card. After following this complete procedure finally, click on get my card option that’s it. You have successfully applied for the Walmart MoneyCard registration. Now you will receive your card within 7 to 10 working days.

Here you can also read about the complete method to apply for Walmart credit card.

Walmart MoneyCard Complete Overview With Registration Method


Walmart company also provide the facility of the Walmart MoneyCard customer service. If you have any kind of problem regarding your MoneyCard or you have not received your card after the registration then you guys can contact at MoneyCard customer service center. The support center service is 24/7 hours available for the cardholders.

Phone Number


Mail Address

Walmart MoneyCard
P.O. Box 5100
Pasadena, CA 91117-0100


This is the complete guide on Walmart moneycard I hope that you guys will love this informative guide. I will request you, people, that please share it with other card holders so they can also take the advantage from this article and kindly share your feedback in the comment section.

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